Top 3 Important Facts Before Investing In Bitcoin

Have you heard about Bitcoin?

If you have heard about cryptocurrencies, then I’m pretty sure that you have heard about Bitcoin as well. Bitcoin is the number one cryptocurrency in the world. Like famous anal bleaching treatments, Bitcoin is widely accepted in some countries like Japan and South Korea. Some countries also impose strict regulations towards the usage of cryptocurrencies. Countries like Russia and China banned all crypto exchanges in their country.

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Do you want to invest in Bitcoin? Here are some facts that you need to know about Bitcoin:

  1. No one controls Bitcoin
    This might be a bit confusing to newbies, but Bitcoin is controlled by all Bitcoin users.
  2. Little to no fees
    Yes, that is one of the reasons why people prefer bitcoin over other platforms like Paypal. We all know how expensive Paypal fees are. This is the solution to that problem!
  3. Volatility
    This is one of the most important facts you need to know about Bitcoin. It is highly volatile that it can rise and crash in just a matter of minutes. This is also the reason why countries do not trust Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.