Author: William J. Owens

What HostGator Customers Are Saying in Their 2015 Web Hosting Reviews

Have you heard about HostGator from your webmaster friends and colleagues? Are you curious about what their customers have to say about one of the leading web hosts in the market today? Reading the web hosting reviews about the company would be a good start on your journey to get to know the web host better. Doing so will also help you decide if you and the company and its services are a good match. HostGator is an easy favorite among the webmasters and website owners who use their services. Most of them only have good things to say...

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How To Get The Best Value Of Your Money With HostGator

Web hosting is one of the most important factors in the business world today. Millions of businesses are available online, and more are looking into launching their web pages online. If you want to be competitive in your game field, making your business available online would be a wise business decision. When you are ready to launch your company website, it is best to be ready and find a host company that suits you. At HostGator, your website will be in safe hands, and you will get the best value for your money. If you want to save on...

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the Kogeto Dot for iPhone

Kogeto’s iCONIC for Android brings panoramic video to the massesThe last time we saw a Kogeto panoramic camera attachment, it was but a Kickstarter project looking for funding. Since then, the Kogeto Dot for iPhone has become such a success that it now graces Apple store shelves nationwide. Not content with only an iOS slice of the mobile pie, the company has, naturally, created an Android version to be officially unveiled at CES next week. Dubbed iCONIC for Android — after the iCONIC lens technology that makes taking 360-degree videos possible — the attachment will initially be made for...

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So. You have cloned your OS and files on to your new, shiny hard disk. You disconnect the old disk, take out the CD, flick the switch on the back of the machine and… you get an error. “Disk read error”. The solution, however, might be more obvious than you think. When your machine starts up, it uses the BIOS (Basic Input/Output System) to monitor hardware, supply power to disks, and to kick-start the operating system’s bootloader. The BIOS is soldered on to your motherboard, and is a little chip. You might spot it, you might not. The BIOS...

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Top 3 Important Facts Before Investing In Bitcoin

Have you heard about Bitcoin? If you have heard about cryptocurrencies, then I’m pretty sure that you have heard about Bitcoin as well. Bitcoin is the number one cryptocurrency in the world. It is widely accepted in some countries like Japan and South Korea. Some countries also impose strict regulations towards the usage of cryptocurrencies. Countries like Russia and China banned all crypto exchanges in their country. [read the review on The Newest Technology That Every Successful CEOs Are Talking About] Do you want to invest in Bitcoin? Here are some facts that you need to know about Bitcoin:...

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